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From: Chaos Wolf
Subject: Feline New Year Ch1Disclaimer: The following is an erotic story of a homosexual nature. Please
do not read if you are a minor or if it is illegal where you live to do
so. Remember to think smart and use protection. The following is the first
chapter in the (Feline New Year( series, a sequel to my (The Cat Next Door(
series. If this sounds like something you want to read, be my guest and
read. If not, go back and look for another story to read.----- Feline New Year, Chapter 1I found a wasp nest on a yellow rope that runs along the garage door. It
was huge, as big as an egg. I pulled it off and went outside. I reached
inside the toolbox and with a hammer, top 100 nn lolitas I smashed it to pieces. A few hours
earlier I was crushing cans in the garage when my mom screamed. I hate it
when she does that, but I could see why in this case. It was a wasp flying
around. I yelled too. I hate those type of insects. It was due index young sex lolita
to a
childhood experience. I was a little kitten boy of six and trying to put
bees in a plastic ziplock bag. I didn(t know any better, it was a case of
childhood curiosity. One got out while I was trying to put another in and
it stung me. I bawled out in pain sounding much like a cat in pain. My dad
sat me on his lap and with tweezers, took out the stinger. I wish stinging
insects didn(t exist. Then again if bees didn(t exist, Jorge and I would
have had to find some new treat to make us say (sabroso(. I(ll leave it up
to you to fill in the blank.Summer was nearly here. Me and the rest of the guys made sure that we paid
for the conference before the deadline. There was a basic admission which
just covered one event, but the higher the price, the more that were
included. We all bought lolita kiddy girls nude the all event package, but only Jacob and Jorge got
the furry bonus. The bonus included a rubber animal nose, ears on a
hairband, and a strap on tail. One could choose which animal. Jacob chose
wolf, Jorge chose cat.Waiting was hard. It seemed it took forever, but the package arrived. It
came with passes and other material that were needed. Jacob took a picture
of me and Jorge in the cat getup. My boyfriend said, (Now we(re twins.( lola no nude models I
grimaced, (Yea, sure.( Come on, I have black and white fur while the getup
was orange. The feline getup was on the yellow side.The semester soon concluded and it was only about a week before I got my
grades. I did quite well. The lowest was a B- in Philosophy. The other guys
did good more or less, enough not to invoke the wrath of their
parents. Things were great. Great that is until a couple of days before we
had to leave.It started as something small and insignificant, but quickly became a Tropical Storm named Eunice. When you live on the Coast, you have to be prepared for anything. We always have extra supplies just in case and we had everything ready to go. It was an average Tropical Storm, but it stayed put and it rained and rained.The storm descended upon us on Friday and by morning, the entire city was
practically underwater. Our neighbor Patrick was having a blast paddling up
and down the street in a kayak. Dad called his parents and they were
distraught. My grandparents( house was flooded for the first time, the
first time in the more than 50 years since they prelolitas model 12 years bought it. We were lucky
though. We saw TV footage of the storm and my city was unrecognizable.It was a shame we had to leave two days later and we considered staying,
but our parents told us that it would be an even bigger shame to not go
when we paid for those tickets with our hard earned money.Garett(s dad owned an RV and he let us borrow it for our trip. There was
one rule we all agreed to, no hanky panky while in the RV when it was in
motion. Of us friends, only Michael didn(t go. He went back home to
California for the summer. We would take turns driving for an hour while
the rest of us did something else. My boyfriend Jorge got ready for the
Yugioh tournament and I was his guinea pig. Before I met him, I didn(t even
have interest in playing the game, but since then, I(ve played. It was sad
really, Jorge had all those cards, but no one to play with. Whenever we
were both free, we played together.We arrived in Dallas and checked into the hotel where we were staying. The
conference would start tomorrow and continue for the next few days.In the mornings, Jacob and I attended lectures about the furry culture and
then we all ate before watching Jorge compete in the tournament in the
afternoon. Evenings were occupied with a light meal and sometimes sex. Most
of the time Jorge and I just cuddled while watching TV. We could have
purchased erotic movies, but that takes money. Nothing but the essentials
here so it was up to us to provide our own entertainment.I would be asleep and I(d feel something grinding into my ass. A hand would then rub my furry belly, dip into my whities, and caress my nuts before stroking my dick moving the furry sheath up and down. If I was interested, he had his head next to mine and rubbed the side of my face. If I wanted him to fuck me, I(d let him know and then he would move on to round two. Jorge would then pull my underwear off and I would take off his. He would then push his dick into me and hump me slowly while gripping my tool until we prelolitas model 12 years ejaculated. Otherwise he would just hold me like that all night.The convention ended and we headed back home. Garett suspended the no hanky
panky rule for the homeward journey. Even though there was no rule now, we
still found it difficult to do anything really frisky. The guys who weren(t
driving retreated into the back, unzipped, and proceeded to give themselves
a handjob. Sometimes we would give one to another guy. One hour Jorge was
driving and Simon was copilot, Garett asked me to help him.(Joey, can you help me?( He nodded at his groin. I replied, (You have hands
don(t you?( The Asian replied, (Yea, but I in the mood to get off hands
free. I(ll do you.( I said, "Sure." I walked towards him and sat next to him. I placed my left arm
around his shoulder and felt his denim covered manhood. He looked at me
with his slanted eyes. There was a sense of longing coming from them. I
unzipped his pants and rubbed him through his boxers. When he was nice and
hard, I pulled out his Chinese joystick. He came over as a kid so he still
had foreskin. I preteen lolita bbslolita bbs pulled it over the head and back down. He blissfully
grinned, but then a moan came from him, "Just suck me Joey Cat." I looked
at Simon. They were boyfriends and while we had agreed that handjobs were
okay, there was nothing said about sucking. Simon looked back and said, "Go
ahead Joey. I can blow him some other time." Jorge added, "It's okay novio,
do your magic." Jacob took a spot near us and unzipped his shorts so he
could caress his boner while watching us. With support my mouth descended on that human eggroll. My tongue
swirled around it like an ice cream cone in the summertime. Garett's hand
caressed my ears and gently pushed down. I opened my mouth and took his
dick into my mouth. His hips bucked into my mouth as his hand gently held
me in place. I let him do much of the work. He went faster and had to use
both hands to keep my head down. "Ohh, ohh, I'l cumming Joey!" I clamped
down on his mouth to make sure none of his seed fell. Garett would pitched
a fit if he saw globs of cum on the carpeting. I picked my head up again and started to stroke myself inside my
underwear. It didn't take me long to pop my cork, not with Garett caressing
my torso and whispering erotic stuff into my ear. He looked down as my
briefs pulsed and a wet spot formed and started to grow. Both finished, we
put our clothes back on. Jorge said, "Hey guys, want something to eat besides cock?" We
looked out the window and saw a diner. "Yes." Came from us. We were all
very hungry for food. We can always have treats later.-----I would appreciate any comments you may have, but please keep insults or
flames to a minimum. I(ll try to respond to everyone, but no
promises. Please mention the title of the story so I know what you are
referring to. I have a group which you can find at You can also email me at:
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